Thursday, March 25, 2010

More on the race

I was feeling ok about the race. I just wanna finish. It's kind of my own "marathon" the reward is the finish not the time. Then I read this. Apparently this is a serious business race. While that is commendable and awesome on one level, it scares the bahgeezers out of me. Just finishing is going to be lame, but I took a look at last years results and I think there will be plenty of people to join me in the lameness. Maybe I can be the Lanterne Rouge of the BAA 5k.
Of course my dad and husband just think it is the bee's knees to run in the same race as these famous runners. Dad suggested taking pictures, Jim set his goal based on the "famous runner's" time. I think it is scary and boys are weird. Less than 3.5 weeks.


Rotten Apple: said...

I agree, that is scary... but just finishing is a huge accomplishment all on its own! Good luck!

Sitcomgirl said...

As a non-runner, I think you are amazing for even doing it. I've thought about the couch to 5k program a few times, but everytime I give up within 2 days! Your time isn't important, it's doing it that is!