Friday, March 5, 2010

Replacing the withering plant with a new seed

I just couldn’t continue. My blog was bogging me down so I stopped talking, typing, expressing. The reasons for this stop range from deep, psychological who-knows-what to laziness and everything in between. Seven months later I am finally ready to reinvent my own personal wheel.

This blog has a new name, but it will contain will be much of the same. Hopefully this time there are more pictures, recipes and completed items. The new title is part of my philosophy. I don’t like goals, or the emphasis we put on them, but have never been able to fully explain the reasons for that. I instead focus on traditions. Traditions are created, developed, passed on until they become an essential element in the life of an individual, family, religion or group. So, when asked what I do with my life I can honestly answer “I grow traditions”

All of the posts from my retired blog can probably be found using the wayback machine, but only a couple will remain. This includes my scarf “pattern”. It is really just a pretend hounds tooth stitch pattern.

To begin, let me introduce Matilda. She is a Montgomery Ward sewing machine made in Japan well before I was born (possibly before my parents were born as well). She is tough, heavy, black and she creates beautiful stitches. For now she does not have a permanent home, but if I run across a sewing machine table I will snatch it up and stick her in the corner of the living room so that she is available to entertain my sewing whims


Stacey said...

Glad to see you are back :) I'm actually taking a unintentional break from my blog at the moment.

Sitcomgirl said...

I'm glad to see you back too!!!