Monday, March 22, 2010

Traditions aren't always pain free

Tradition: Running
Story: My family is full of runners. These are the kind of people who do crazy 26.2 Mile races and super long relays that start in mountains and end at beaches. These are people related to me and I think they hogged the running genes. I hate running. It is not fun, I don't enjoy it and I find it pointless. So I run for other reasons. It is a super cheap form of exercise that takes no setup and almost no specialized equipment. It is something my husband seems to enjoy and exercising with a partner is a great motivational tool. So we run. We have been working our way through the Couch to 5K program. It is a great way to get yourself into shape and work up to a "real" race. It is an easily attainable goal if you train in the right way and for the right amount of time. Our program has taken longer than 10 weeks, but we take more than one rest day between runs.

Awhile back Michelle posted about a  great 5K race and I immediately purchased a spot for me and one for Jim. All the while we have been running and I have been fighting through some odd shin pain. I have my ideas as to what the exact problem is, but suffice it to say that running requires stretching, wrapping and more stretching just to make it through the 30+ minutes we do. After our run this is what I look like

Before you become alarmed I took this pic quickly before I had really "settled in" with my ice packs wrapped nicely, they are just laid on for the picture. Shortly after icing I put some heat on it and usually a half hour or an hour later I am able to walk without pain. I will be talking to a doctor about some of my other options but for now I am keeping my eye on the race and doing everything I can to baby my legs. 


Michelle said...

Well. If you need to walk it, I'll probably be right there with you!

Alan said...

Exercise is a great way to stay healthy. There are lots of different ways to exercise. If running is too hard on the shins, cycling might be the way to go. Variety is the spice of life. Keep it up!