Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Dress

Tradition: Easter Dress

From my youngest memory until I was 10 my mother made many of my clothes. She can probably shed some light on the reasoning, but my best guess would be cost and/or my extreme hatred toward clothes that fit at my waist (a quirk of mine to this day). I know she spent hours on my clothes, but the things I remember most vividly are the dresses she made for Easter and Christmas. One year she made a set of matching dresses for herself, me and my older sister. Mom got to wear magenta heels and I was pretty bitter that I didn’t get a pair. In fact, I’m pretty sure that I vowed to have a pair of magenta heels to match my Easter dress once I was old enough to dictate such things. I remember Daisy Kingdom dresses with extra girly ruffles. I remember the socks with lace edging and white patent leather shoes. I love myself an Easter dress so now that I am a “grown up” I buy or make myself an Easter dress or Easter skirt every year.

This year I was to attend a wedding just a couple of weeks before Easter and since none of my dresses fit quite right (some too big, some too small) I decided to buy an Easter/wedding dress combination. I took Jim with me, which would normally be a mistake, but this time it made for an efficient shopping trip. We walked in, I picked up two different dresses and headed to the dressing room. I tossed on one of them peeked out of the dressing room and Jim responded with atypical accolades. I quickly changed and peeked out in the second dress. Jim’s reponse… “I guess, but the other one is way better” I couldn’t argue with that. We walked out less than ten minutes after we walked in.

The pictures are not the best, but you get the idea. It’s a basic black dress with a wonderful pink detail on the bottom, a highlighting ribbon around the waist and a matching bolero. The only pics I have were taken when I was modeling the shawl so you can’t see the bolero.

One extra I did this year was to buy matching shoes, but mine aren’t magenta

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Stacey said...

Great job - that looks beautiful!