Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family, Marathons and Naps

So my dad came out this weekend. He wanted to watch a marathon and go to a baseball game. So we did!

First, on Saturday we headed to the Hynes Convention Center for the sports expo, which is basically an excuse for a bunch of fitness companies to peddle their wares to the people running the marathon. Jim and I picked up our number for the 5K and then went around looking at some cool stuff. Dad found a great training system made by Adidas. He also grabbed a new pair of shoes that aren't out "in the market" for another 6 months. I grabbed a second pair of my running shoes for 25% off, which was nice.

After that we went out for some sushi and other yummy food. Then I went home and took a nap (this was a trend for the weekend).

I had purchased tickets to the Red Sox game so dad and I headed into town and took in all the awesomeness that is Fenway Park. Dad also had to document (for posterity) where our seats were located

Since the Sox game on Friday was rained out in the 9th we got to watch the finish of that game. Of course it went into extra innings and we had to get up early for the race Sunday so we only got to see 1/3 of an inning of the game we actually had tickets to, but we saw plenty of innings altogether. 

Sunday we headed to Boston and met up with Michelle. I ran a 5K slowly(more on that in another post) and Jim did it in less than 30 Minutes, which is amazing when you think we have really only been running for a couple months. He is amazing and absolutely rocked the 5K. We had brunch (more on that later) and then I went home and napped (see the trend?)

Then on Monday Dad and I went into Boston and watched the marathon. I think it might have re-motivated my dad to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

Then it was time to take Dad to the airport. Sadness kicked in as usual and I realize, yet again, how much is sucks to live a zillion miles from my family. Then I went home and took a nap. 

It was an amazing weekend and now I am back to work and missing my family

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Michelle said...

Yay for running! Even though it was short, at least you had a nice weekend with your Dad. It was nice to meet him!