Thursday, April 15, 2010

Garden Report for April 2010

Mostly sprouts, which I have no pictures of. Next year we have to get some good lamps for sprouting because everything is really leggy and that worries me.

Blooms! Tulips are up and blooming. Our first were some red ones that looked very poppy-ish. Silly things bloomed at the same time as the crocuses so they were early birds.

Now there are white, purple and yellow tulips opening just in time for the rain to move in

What else do you see in the picture poking its head into the garden party? Weeds. I have a theory that a bed that is well maintained the first year will be easier to maintain in the following years. This has definitely been true for the vegetable garden. The tulip beds are brand new and they seem to sprout more weeds every hour. we will see if I can get any weeding done this weekend, if not the 24th is going to be weeding for hours. Hopefully next year is easier.

Garden tip for April: Dennis has not continued to eat the tulips, I am attributing this miracle to my command that a certain male member of the household urinate outside.

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