Thursday, April 1, 2010

Soft Lace

Tradition: Knitting, lace

Knitting is really my hobby. It is one of the only (of my many) hobbies that I can trace to a source outside of my family. I know my mother knows how to knit, but I don’t recall her spending any time on it before I learned. I have taught my younger sisters, planted the tradition, I guess.

Recently I knit a lace scarf/shawl. I made it out of 100% silk yarn that my friend gave me for my last birthday. It is a wonderful purple color and it was easy to work with. I found 1 knot in the ball, but I can’t guarantee that wasn’t caused by a ball winding mishap. The best part of this yarn is the behavior of the knitted item. This shawl can be worn like a scarf, but I really think it is perfect for wearing around my shoulders, shawl style. The finished, blocked item sticks ever so slightly to adjacent clothing. It reminds me of the Bible/Book of Mormon stories we used to recreate on our couch with felt characters. I’m not sure why we didn’t have a normal felt board, but our couch worked quite nicely.

Blocking the shawl was an adventure. I don’t have a steam cleaner and my mats are most definitely melt-able so steaming with an iron was out of the question. I have a big fear of wet silk snapping during blocking so I made up my own blocking method (which I am sure someone else has tried). After I did the bind off and weaving in of ends I slipped the shawl onto some blocking wires stretched it into place and pinned the wires. Then I soaked some towels and laid it over top kind of squishing it all over. Then I lifted the towels and left it to dry. This allowed the yarn to get wet AFTER I had the item in place and it was wonderful. I think it would have been easier had I used a spray bottle of some sort, but I don’t have one that isn’t full of cleaner so this was a good work around.

Pictures were taken in my backyard last Sunday. More on the dress Sunday

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