Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jim really is a Do-er

Jim is not handy, but he is getting quite fidgety while unemployed. Last summer he laid a patio in the area that used to be a sandpit (and before that it had an above ground pool). This year he built some more garden beds and then decided the whole thing needed a fence. So he spent days digging holes, pouring concrete adding ‘walls’ and generally laboring over a relatively small space.

When he proposed the fence I had a few requirements
1) It must be about 4' tall
2) It must have non-solid fencing material
3) It must have a gate that works

Reasons for these rather random requirements are pretty logical. 4' is tall enough that the bunnies would prefer to burrow under rather than hop over. There is no point in planting a garden in a full sun area of the yard if the fence then blocks the sun during the morning and evening hours. Last year I was kind of hopping over our little green fence, which was fine, but any taller and my short legs would not be able to reach and I don’t climb fences.

So a plan was created and by plan I mean general idea, nothing with actual measurements and diagrams on a piece of paper (not Jim’s way of doing things). The work began and I helped on a couple of occasions, but the majority of the work was all Jim all the time. I am quite pleased with the end result

The pictures may make things look a little crooked, but that is just perspective because the boxes aren't perfectly in line or square for that manner (mostly my fault)

I do love the gate

Jim really wanted the latch/hinge set that came with an actual handle
Non-solid fencing is chicken wire. Easy to replace, but not super craptastic so hopefully it lasts for a year or two


Sitcomgirl said...

I'm so jealous of your garden! And the fence :)

Anonymous said...

One day I want to have a garden like yours - too bad I don't live close and can raid your garden anymore - I'm sure Jim thought I was worse than the bunnies, picking and eating out of your garden.

mom said...

I am pretty sure you rDad still thinks he is a great dancer, in spite of what his children say. But, as parents, it is our job to embarrass the *@#* out of youwhenever we can. Your Dad has always done a great job of that too. He just seems to do everything great!! But we love hi anyway!!