Thursday, June 3, 2010


Tradition: Family Scarves


My parents and 3 of my sisters have scarves made by me specifically for them. I'm not sure who wears theirs the most often but I would venture the list in order from most to least used is
sister 3
tied for never: the rest

Sister 2 (Kinna) recently requested a bright pink slouchy scarf that she could wrap and wrap around. I am hesitant to make anything else for her since she doesn't wear the scarf I made her, but she supposedly wears the socks so hopefully this is a worthwhile risk. I immediately knew I would use hand dyed sock yarn and make an infinity or circle scarf. Then I remembered that Cat Bordi had a youtube video showing how to cast on for a Möbius scarf and I knew that must be what I make. My plan may very well backfire, but so far I have accomplished the following

1) Cast on an entire circular needle full of stitches using Cat's Möbius method

2) Knit stockinette for what feels like an eternity

3) Added a second ball of yarn and continue stockinette

It is now 7 inches wide, unblocked and the scarf looks like a contracted sea anemone

General Info:
Möbius Strip
Sereknity Yarn and Fiber (colorway Floozy)


Mac said...

first of all... stop being a brat. I am so freaking excited for the scarf you don't even know!!!! :) I love my socks and scarf. AND when i first got the scarf i wore it all the time.... so bite me ;)

Anonymous said...

I wear my beautiful red one. I personally think it is the best looking one!!