Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 Things You Like About Where You Live

1. My garden(s) – they will never impress anyone with immense beauty or ingenuity, but I love them. I visit them every day when I get home from work and if mosquitoes weren’t such a nuisance I would eat in them daily as well.

2. Seasons – Sometimes this is good, other times bad, but today we will focus on the positive. Where I live has four definite seasons. Spring (rainy, cold) Summer (hot, humid) Fall (more rain, moving to cold) Winter (death) which makes it easy to notice the time passing before me.

3. My neighborhood – it’s nice, generally well kept and full of people but it isn’t loud and there are very few occasions for me to curse my neighbors

4. Restaurants – I am very close to a major US city and that means that when I have a million dollars I can try a new restaurant whenever I want and rarely be disappointed

5. History – Being in MA means there are more than enough historical sites to keep a person busy

6. Graveyards – I love graveyards, really old graveyards with thin headstones decorated in carvings that make no sense. There are zillions of them around here and I love to walk around and see the awkward skull with wings or random animal depicted in slate.

7. Leaves – supposedly the only people that go leaf peeping are the lovely retired couples who haven’t left for florida yet and ME! I love leaf peeping. The colors are amazing and I can peep leaves from a car, on a hike, on the train but I have my favorites. I love to get lost in New England with my husband. We drive around with no real destination and I gaze out the window loving the oranges, reds, yellows and brown that paint across the forests

8. Dennis – Sunday Dennis stole my heart. My lovely groundhog came scampering out from under the shed. He waddled over to my flower garden and starded nibbling on all sorts of weeds. Then he smelled the flowers, but apparently found them revolting and went back to nibbling on the weeds. He stood up a couple of times to look around all adorable like. Then he heard me standing on the deck and he bounded away with my heart hanging on his cute little tail.

9. Museums – Boston has some great museums, but there are also some pretty nifty ones outside the city limits. Eric Carle and Normal Rockwell both have museums in western Mass dedicated to their art. One of these days I will make it to both of them

10. Plays/Ballets/Operas/Concerts – There is always a good concert to attend in or near Boston (I’ll be attending one next week) but my favorite are the plays, ballets and operas that consume the theatre district. Shakespeare on the common never disappoints and the Nutcracker ballet is my winter classic.

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