Friday, July 9, 2010


Tradition: Art

My dad (yes, my parents are the root of many of my traditions) is a fan of art. He wasn't in charge of decorating or I'm sure my family would have roughly 12 million art prints on our walls. Thankfully he exposed us to all varieties of art from painting to collage to sculptures. One of his favorite things to do is go on a local safari taking pictures at distinctive places around the towns where I grew up. Some really funky sculptures, statues and functional art exist in the Portland area and I love getting pictures of my sisters balancing on an oddly shaped bike rack or some other random art my dad finds.

When my husband emailed me about the Museums on Us program I was overjoyed. Since we both have plastic distributed by BoA there was no hesitation on my part to take full advantage. A free visit to a museum was in order and since it is summer I thought we should visit something outdoors and enjoy a picnic as well. DeCordova in Lincoln, MA fit the bill and I made plans for last weekend. We packed simple sandwiches, crackers and water bottles and headed out to look at sculptures.

Some of them were awesome, some of them were weird and some of them made me question the curators' definition of art, but it was a fun experience and Jim was in a goofy mood which always makes me giggle. We didn't make it to everything, but we did go inside the museum where there is a room carpeted in fabric. The pictures I have don't do it justice so I suggest you go see it for yourself. The walls had streamers of leaves and birds created with handmade paper. There was a tree in the middle created out of small pieces of wood puzzle-pieced together to add an amazing texture and color to a basic column

I'm not sure I can drag Jim to a traditional museum like the MFA, but DeCordova was fun and all of the walking meant I didn't have to go for a run that night. I do encourage anyone with some BoA plastic to take advantage of the program there are museums all over the country and it's a great way to spend a Saturday without spending money.

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