Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good Side, Bad Side

Tradition: Black and White
I live in a black and white world. There are no grey areas, just those that need further clarification. Once I have specific details and perform a cause/consequence analysis everything becomes black and white for me. This makes decisions obvious, but tedious.

A great side effect of my way of thinking is that people/creatures are either good or bad. I treat all people with respect, but my true opinion is either positive or negative. It is a glorious thing always knowing where I stand. I always have an opinion (though it is subject to change at any moment)

Who has had the pleasure of living with this black/white, love/hate, positive/negative personality of mine?  My husband. He’s remained mostly on the love/positive side, but he hears much about my opinions of other creatures, events, etc. What does he hear the most about during the summer? Dennis, the woodchuck in the backyard.

Dennis first showed up sometime last year and nibbled the grass, clover and other random stuff in our back yard. He never went near my garden. So, with is adorable cuteness he was on the good list. Then he ate my tulips and moved instantaneously to the bad list. Using some male urine we kept him from consuming more tulips and he romped around the yard doing no damage and he slowly crept back to the good list.

Over a week ago we saw him nibbling around the patio(flower) garden. He was cute and lovable and he has tiny ears just like me. He sniffed the flowers, but only ate the weeds so he solidly remained on the good list.
Imagine my surprise when a little tunnel appeared under my vegetable garden gate. Inside we found squash and cucumbers nibbled right down to the stem. Leaves were crushed, munched and generally destroyed. WHOOOOSH bad list again.

When Jim and I left for a short jaunt to CT at the beginning of the week we tried blocking the gate to prevent further destruction. Unfortunately in our enthusiasm we stacked something just high enough that Dennis could HOP THE FENCE. The little punk massacred the cucumbers, ate a few more squash and to make matters worse he picked a TOMATO! Something must be done.

Some cement has been laid and yet again we are using more urine around the perimeter hoping that will inhibit Dennis’s desires, we also hope it prevent his wrestling buddy from joining the garden eating party.

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