Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: How to enjoy summer

1. Read a book, perhaps one from the Ten on Tuesday entries from last week?
2. Smell the flowers. I like to walk down to the little perennial garden that Jim has made around our patio and examine the plants. Smell them and dream of a world where growing flowers uses less effort
3. Notice the butterflies and the bees. Bees are a small point of annoyance in my marriage. I desperately want a hive in my backyard if only to know that the bees are busy pollinating for me. So why the annoyance? Jim is allergic so there is no chance of me ever having bees. Butterflies make my day. I can spot a butterfly far away and watch it flutter around my yard as long as she sticks around. I love butterflies
4. Grow a vegetable. The idea that we grow a couple of tomato plants and maybe a pepper or two has evolved into a 12+ raised bed garden. We grow lots of things and while Jim is doing most of the work these days I enjoy a moment or two messing around in the dirt and examining the ripening fruits
5. Take a hike. I know there are plenty of hikes nearby and I'm hoping we can go at least once a month and get some nature time. Jim and I love a hike that involves lots of plants, but not a ton of uphills because I'm a pretty big baby when it comes to uphill hikes
6. Pick some fruit - I picked many pounds of strawberries, raspberries, cherries and blackberries when I was a kid. In the northwest berries flourish and I miss the ease of access (and the low price) of NW berries
7. Do something with that fruit - I like to make freezer jam out of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries. I do NOT like canned jam, it ruins the flavor of the fruit and I prefer my jam to taste like berries and not jam. There is no store bought jam that can compare to freezer jam, but there are plenty of store bought jams that can compare to homemade canned jams.
8. Play with water As kids we ran through the sprinkler but as an adult I prefer to accomplish something so we wash the cars or water the garden and if someone happens to get sprayed in the process all the more fun
9. Build a castle - the beach is an easy place to spend a summer day, but I often find beaches too sandy for knitting and rather than get bored I do something. A castle made of sand filled buckets, shells and sticks always fills that time, plus it's a great excuse to start a sand fight with Jim
10. Take a day off. There is no reason that your summer has to be completely full every day. Take a day, relax and figure out what it is you love about the place you live.

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