Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ToT: Things to do Instead of Watching TV

Let me start by saying that I love television. I do, there are some hilarious and mind-stretching things on TV. I like the funny, the mindless, and the mind-stretching but you don't normally find it all on the same show.

Onto the list!

1.See a Play -  if you like performances go watch a play or opera or concert. Shakespeare on the Common is putting on Othello this year. I think I shall go sometime in the next two weeks. I encourage you to go as well.
2. Move - We are still running, but I have taken to pulling out the yoga mat on my non-running days. Building strength and increasing flexibility are my goal, but yours may be different. Work on them, it's worth it.
3. Enjoy your house - Really enjoy it. Sit in your favorite spot or sit in you backyard or your pool or something, but really enjoy this investment that you have made
4. Get some ice cream - Take a drive, get some ice cream and steal a taste from your neighbor's cone (Jim is a sharer)
5. Laundry - for only having 2 people we produce a very large amount of laundry and I could do at least 1 load a day and hanging it all up to dry is time consuming, and it is usually time i would spend in front of the TV
6. Other chores - Mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, washing the car all of those annoying chores that we save for the weekend CAN be accomplished during the week if we want to step away from our more fun tasks (like watching the 5th baseball game of the week)
7. Read - How is your caterpillar?
8. Sew - I can knit while watching TV, but my sewing machine is too loud/in the way to really enjoy TV while sewing
9. Get to know - Get to know your friends, neighbors, or your own family. My neighbors don't typically get together to really get to know one another. Until this summer I didn't even know their names. I should invite them over for drinks some evening or something. They are always on their porch anyways.
10 Silence, if there is such a thing - Turn off the noise making appliances in your house. Close the computer, turn off the radio and notice the noise around you. How many different bird songs can you hear? Can you identify the cars that drive down your street? Do you know who drives the loud one? Do you KNOW your surroundings?

My caterpillar:
Reading has slowed a bit with other things filling my time, but I have a couple to add
8) The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom - sappy, not as great as people made it out to be but short and simple reading that reminds you that life is important
9) The Trial, Jen Bryant - book written for children/pre-teens? about the trial of a man accused of kidnapping the Lindbergh baby. The book is written entirely in poems which made it kind of fun to read


Laurie said...

I love #10...my husband and I are both singers/musicians, so it seems when we are both home, there is always music being played, either by us or on the stereo, or the TV is on. I make a rule to start my day with an hour or so of silence...and sometimes find it stretches most of the day.

Kym said...

Nice list! It's so hard for me to put . . . cleaning. . . ahead of tv watching. I really am not into the cleaning part of life! :-)

Anonymous said...

I want to see Shakespeare on the Common, but I need to double check that it doesn't interfere with our show. The MIT G&S group is putting up Sweeney Todd the first two weekends in August (and I'm rehearsing my brains out).

Lucia said...

You are reminding me that I washed the laundry, hung it up and took it down, but I haven't yet folded it.