Sunday, August 8, 2010

Marriage Secrets

Tradition: Inside jokes

Story: Growing up I had a small group of friends that I loved to no end. I haven’t pinpointed exactly where I met all of them but some I know for sure

K- our families moved to the area around the same time and so we were all new to the church congregation at the same time. K and I were BFFs forever and ever
L- Pretty sure K met L in kindergarten and I met L in first grade when I skipped over kindergarten and K introduced me to L.
C- I think C was also in our first grade class
A- A is the mystery. I think that I met A in leadership during fourth and fifth grade, but I am not sure. I know that I knew her before middle school (6th grade) but I also know A was never in my elementary school classes.

I moved away from our high school in my sophomore year, but I still stay in close touch with L and A and to a lesser extent C and K. K doesn’t really talk to me at all and that makes me sad, but she just isn’t one for staying in touch and I was never as close to C as the others, probably because I missed all of those high school years.

The thing that made our friendship memorable was our inside jokes. Some are never-ending and when I look back they aren’t funny. I have no idea why I found them funny to begin with but they still make me giggle. I will never look at classical markers the same thanks to K’s comment on the similarities between classical markers and classical musicians. L will forever cross my mind on mother’s day and when I see a bottle of wine with a chicken on the label.

My best relationships have hundreds of inside jokes, including my marriage. Jim and I have some epic jokes. Today’s favorite? There are some awesome lines from tv shows and movies that are supposed to be romantic, but are really just the corniest things ever. Jim and I like to see who can say them with a straight face, pretending to be serious. I always lose. No matter the line, the reference, the moment or the conversation that precedes it, as soon as I open my mouth to say the line I giggle. We like to use lines that we have heard recently, but we also have a favorite line. My go to line? “I will be your bait” alternately “I’ll be your bait” (can you name the show/situation without google?)
Someday I will be able to say this without giggling, but don't hold your breath. I’m pretty sure Jim will put that line on my headstone just to make me laugh for eternity.

 What is your favorite cheesey movie line?


jacob said...

"I will honor and protect your heart always" --From the latest season of the bachelorette.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever knows where they know me from. Its the same problem with L and C!!! :-p -AK