Thursday, August 26, 2010

Start a new one

What most people think of when I talk about traditions are ceremonial things that people do around holidays. Trees, presents, stockings, special food, etc. Many of these traditions can be traced in a historical manner to religion or cultural origins, but others don’t have such easily traced beginnings. This then becomes an open invitation for growing your own, no need for a real reason, cause or motivation, just think of something you really like to do, plan to do it on a regular occasion and call it tradition!

I have planted the seed for a tradition of my own. I want to make a new scarf and mitten set every year, or at least every year that I live in a location that necessitates such articles of clothing. Two years ago I made purple and black Egyptian mittens and I love them, they are warm and wonderfully functional and gorgeous. Last year I made a scarf that coordinated without being super matchy-matchy. I then promptly lost the scarf.
My plans for this year are another pair of colorwork mittens and a scarf. I made a chart for the mittens and used the same motif to create a scarf pattern. I picked up the yarn today and will be starting the project right after work. I can’t wait! When I am finished I plan on writing up the pattern and even posting it on ravelry (debating putting a price on it). What tradition do you want to start?

Onto finished knitting!
Earlier this year I knit a scarf for my little sister. I even sent it to her and since it was her birthday this week I thought I should finally blog about it.

Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf from
Yarn: 2 Skeins - Sereknity Yarn and Fiber Sock Options Shimmer (merino+bamboo) colorway floozy
Ravelry: Kinna's Scarf Redux
Thoughts: 2 skeins makes a really long scarf, but that is what she wanted I think she is happy with it

The best part? She looks ridiculously hot in it. She wouldn’t send me a great picture, but this cellphone/mirror in the bathroom pic is still pretty cute (all my sisters are drop dead gorgeous, I missed out on that gene).


KnittingReader said...

I love that scarf! I've wanted to knit a lace ribbon scarf for ages.

Mac said...

I love love love this scarf. It is so freaking hot. and um... the drop dead gorgeous gene... You totally have it... judging by that pic though, that particular sis, might be slightly lacking... but don't tell her i said that. ;)