Monday, August 16, 2010

Things I like

Tradition: Me
There will not be a ToT post this week so I figured I would choose my own random list of things I like and post it on Monday.

I tend to enjoy the writing and explanation of other people. I like to hear about life, creativity and hardships. Many people have blogs like mine, an unfocused peek into real life, not the life you see on tv, not the life marketed by professionals. I connect to those blogs much like I connect to a really good book. They draw me in and make me wish I could spend an hour on the couch with the author. Even the least eloquent writer and least interesting topics will keep my attention because I somehow find a connection.
I also enjoy professional blogs -the blogs written to sell a product, to support an author and those who answer to the almighty dollar. They are fun and resourceful. I have never really admired pop icons of any kind or joined the throngs of “fans” at an event where famous people will present or be in attendance (one exception is Norm Abrams, but that is a story for another time). I don’t fit in with those who worship the yarn harlot or the pioneer woman, but I enjoy their blogs nevertheless.

In google reader I subscribe to a mere 300 sites/blogs. I try not to subscribe to those feeds which only provide a snippet of a post forcing you to click to their site to read further, but if I feel a strong enough connection or I enjoy a blog enough I’ll deal with it. Otherwise,I tend to add and remove randomly. Today I thought I would choose a few of the better known sites which I subscribe to in case you haven’t heard of them. Next time I will focus on some of the less mainstream blogs

1) Xkcd - a comic of pure genius. Each comic is funny, but the humor extends to the roll-over text box.
2) 1000 Awesome Things – Delightful reminders of everyday things that should make you smile
3) Catalog Living – humorous narration for catalog images
4) Sticks and String podcast – still the only podcast I listen to on a regular basis. I love David Reidy
5) Baker’s Banter – King Arthur Flour baking blog. Even though I know it is all marketing, the step by step instructions combined with the explanation of the texture and feel of a dough (things you can’t tell from a picture) make this blog better than any other corporate blog I have ever read
6) Pioneer Woman - her recipes are great and her attempts at humor are mildly amusing
7) Yarn Harlot - though I often find her essays as forced or overly dramatic I like her subject and she knits more in a month than I have knit in my entire life.
8) Brooklyn Tweed - Knitter, Photographer, Native of the Pacific NW
9) Twist Collective - Very serious knitter's magazine published online. Always great patterns though I have not finished a single one that I have purchased
10) Post Secret - New postcards are posted every week.


Lucia said...

I'm a devotee of several of these, and will have to check out the others.

Do you read Slacktivist? It's one of my favorite better-known blogs.

Monet said...

Do you have the King Arthur Flour cookbook? If you like the site, I think you will love the book...every recipe is better than the last (and they're all good!). My grandfather gave me his old copy, so I bet you can pick one up at a yard sale or something :)