Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ToT - Reasons to love bacon

1) BLT – must have mayonnaise and is even better with sliced avocado
2) Broccoli salad- my mom makes a a great recipe with bacon, broccoli, sunflower seeds, craisins and dressing
3) French toast – with a side of bacon. Drizzle syrup on the French toast and a touch on the bacon too for the best sweet/savory combination.
4) Carbonara – yummy pasta dish that I always forget about
5) Cowboy burger – if we go to dinner Jim orders a burger with bacon, cheese and BBQ sauce 90% of the time because it is a safe bet he will love it. One of the chain restaurants (applebee’s maybe?) calls this the cowboy burger on their menu so when we go out he orders it by the name on the menu, but when I ask “what are you ordering?” he inevitably calls it a cowboy burger.
6) Baked beans –One of these days I will actually make my own baked beans with bacon or ham hocks or some other deliciousness, but for now a can with some extra bacon works.
7) Salad – I love salads with bacon, hard boiled eggs and a small amount of ranch dressing
8) Baked Potato – two things that make a baked potato a delicious treat? Bacon and sour cream
9) Pioneer woman’s recipe - My dad LOVES jalapeno poppers and these are kind of similar but with added BACON!

That’s not 10 but it’s really all the ways I can think of that I love to eat bacon.

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Beth said...

I forgot to put it on my list, but I love that broccoli salad! I don't eat much bacon but today's topic has made me hungry for it so I bought some at the store today. :)