Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ToT - Ways to lighten the mood

Whether you come home stressed out from work or you just finished a heated discussion with a family member, sometimes it's just time to lighten up.

my quick and easy list

1) Give a big hug - to someone else or yourself, either way is fantastic
2) Laugh at yourself or others - there are some great comedies on TV right now
3) Knit - Mittens are the project of the moment
4) Read - Add to the caterpillar
5) Light some yummy smelling candles and just think
6) Garden - pull some weeds, plant some seeds or just admire the awesomeness that comes from plants
7) Cook - chopping forces me to calm down and breath
8) Take a nap - I'm always sleep deprived and a few extra minutes means I wake in a good mood
9) Go for a run - I would never run to lighten the mood, but many of my family members find it beneficial
10) Attempt to watch a documentary with Jim - he will make fun of the ridiculousness and have you laughing too hard to watch the movie in less than five minutes


Beth said...

I enjoyed reading your list! #2 is especially great and really helps.

Nichole said...

I'm with ya on #3! Happy ToT!

Mac said...

Bahahahahaha, number 7. "forces you to calm down"... or lose a finger ;) Luv it.