Thursday, September 9, 2010

The big C

Tradition: Breast Cancer
I married an amazing man. Just as many other amazing individuals he got his amazing-ness from a strong foundation. This foundation was built by his mom. A mother who was encouraging and supportive of him along with his friends. A mother that he loves and adores and a mother he watched suffer through and die from breast cancer when he was in his twenties. This has had an obvious and huge affect on the rest of his life in both tragic and amazing ways.

A couple of years ago I ran the race for the cure with my sister and I ran it in memory of an amazing woman that I never got to meet. This year Jim is running the race for the cure with me. He set a goal not only to run the race in a certain amount of time, but also to raise a good amount of money in memory of his mom. I encourage you to visit our donation page and look at the adorable picture of Jim and Pat. If you can contribute any amount it would be greatly appreciated.

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