Monday, September 13, 2010


Tradition: What do you do with all that time?
Outside of work (and the associated commute) I have very little time that is filled for me. This does not mean I am not busy, it just means that most of the time my busy is defined by the stuff I need to get done, not the stuff that needs to get done for others. This freedom comes with a cost, but that is not my focus today.
What kind of busy am I? Well this week it was running, cooking real food and finishing knitting projects. Last week it was running and cleaning and more cleaning.

Since I hate running and the weather is still relatively pleasant Jim and I have been trying to do a Saturday workout somewhere other than our neighborhood. A couple of weekends ago we went to Horn Pond in Woburn. There is a paved path (basically a road) that goes all the way around the pond, and there are tons of trails that stem off into some pretty terrain. Jim can usually get me to do an actual run there and somehow manages to take me up every hill in the park. Once my butt and thighs hurt too much the run turns into a nature walk. That is where our gadgets come into the picture.

Can you find the two swans?

We use a running app on our phones that allows us to take a picture and it will link the picture to the place we took it. When viewing our run online later we can see the pictures along our map

Example map from Halibut Point State Park

We didn’t take that many pictures at Horn Pond, but Saturday found us in Rockport at Halibut Point State Park. The park is a nice walk around an old quarry that is just a few hundred yards from the ocean. The weather was absolutely perfect and we did a relatively short hike with no running (imagine me doing a happy dance)

Jim by the ocean
I found an awesome rock that reminded me of the little mermaid, but I spared any and all eyes from witnessing me imitating a scene from the movie (you’re welcome). The view from the point overlook was amazing. So much blue

From the point

All of the pictures in the post thus far have been taken by Jim's phone and are linked to our hiking route on runkeeper. I took pictures with our regular camera, here are some fun ones

Jim doing his signature "yoga" move called The Sherman Sunning

I have no idea what he is doing here, but obviously goofing around

My favorite: 
Signature Britt shot of just our feet

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Michelle said...

Halibut is so pretty. We took Nimitz there a couple of years ago and said that we'd go back, but never made it.