Thursday, September 2, 2010

My own mitten pattern

Instead of just finding a usable pattern to start my new tradition I decided to write my own.

Big mistake.
The basic process thus far:

1) Start with an idea
2) Chart in excel instead of some nifty chart software because I get excel and want the chart NOW
3) Write chart
4) Email to Kinna tell her to fix
5) Make suggested changes, argue with Kinna about her lack of knitting knowledge which makes her some of her ideas impossible
6) Start knitting
7) Rip back because I don’t like the cuff
8) Rewrite pattern again
9) Knit cuff, move to hand, forget to start thumb
10) Rip back
11) Knit hand with thumb, get to last repeat and realize the mitten is too big for my itty-bitty-baby hands
12) Rip back
13) Go down a needle size, get through cuff, start thumb
14) Post a sneak peek using horrendous cellphone pictures

If they don’t fit this time I’m just going to make them and give them away

1 comment:

Julie said...

Ooo! Those are so pretty. I have some chart software and would be happy to make a chart for you if you like (I can export it as a jpg)