Monday, September 20, 2010

ToT - How to Have a Happy Birthday

A great topic, my birthday isn't for a few months but here is my list of what I think makes a good birthday

1) Take the day off work - working on your birthday is lame even if you like your job
2) Do dinner - When I was little my mom let us pick what we wanted for dinner, when I was a bit older we got to choose a restaurant for the family to go to. I think I will get back to choosing something delicious to enjoy at home, that way I know it is made with love, plus I save a couple dollars (which I can use for dessert)
3) Sleep in - if you are taking the day off, you might as well sleep in
4) Dessert - Birthdays are one of the few days when I think dessert is required. Just don't give me cake
5) Pamper - a massage, manicure, pedicure, haircut/color are all fun things to try for your birthday
6) Friends - Celebrating with friends is so much more fun than celebrating alone
7) Drinks - the more sparkles the better! I like sparkling cider with a touch of pomegranate juice or OJ with 7-up
8) Family - If you can't spend it with friends, spend it with family, especially if you are friends with your family.
9) Fun - maybe pampering isn't your thing, do what you like! Go for a hike, play a game, ride a roller coaster, whatever it is that makes you smile!
10) Gifts - I don't think gifts need to be big or elaborate. A flower, a note of appreciation, or a small gesture can make a birthday extra special

What do you think makes a good birthday?

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Alan said...

What great ways to spend your birthday!
I really like eating at home with family too!
You can discuss things and you can hear yourself talk without yelling over the din of other people in the restaurant.