Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ToT - Reasons to watch football

1) Philip Rivers - I watch football for the game, I really do, but Philip is a nice bonus of yummyness
2) Boise State Broncos - It is always nice to see them crush an opponent who thinks they aren't worth playing (Oregon Ducks?)
3) Touchdowns - Back in the day Jerry Rice would do a little dance. Since he has a long neck he looked like a bobble head as his helmet wobbled all over the place
4) Impossible passes - there is the Flutie Hail Mary pass (before I was born), but there are also those perfectly executed passes that land in the arms of the receiver after slipping between two defenders with outstretched arms
5)Interceptions - There are also those passes that do not slip between the defenders but end up in the hands of the defender. If my team intercepts the ball and you are near my house you will hear an automatic, enthusiastic INTERCEEEEEPPPPPPPTION! ringing through the neighborhood.
6) Wes Welker - he should really take up weaving, he already zig zags around defensive lines
7) Snowy weather - the Patriots stadium is open to all the elements and is bound to have at least one game in horribly cold weather one more element to complicate the game. I'm glad I can watch from home, but love to see how weather impacts the game
8) Brett Favre - I want to hate him when he plays the "will I retire or will play?" game. Then I watch him play and he has more fun than anyone else on the field and I can't help but love a man who just wants the game for the game and the fun
9) Last second excitement - When the game is tied or the team that's losing is making a last second drive. The excitement is pretty much more than I can handle, but I love it
10) Knitting - football starts at the perfect time to knit some warm mittens, scarves and hats for winter

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Nichole said...

Love your #6.... =)

Kym said...

I'm still a little . . . shaken. . . by the fact that you weren't born yet when Flutie threw that Hail Mary. Is it possible that I am That Old? I guess so -- because my husband graduated from Boise State BEFORE the turf was blue!!!!

Susanne said...

Great list - I enjoy the feeling too, that it is knitting time again.