Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ToT - Things in My Fridge

1) Hazelnut Coffee Creamer - Jim uses it in his coffee everyday and I put a tiny bit in my hot chocolate in the winter
2) Heinz Ketchup - there was much drama when I was in college and the cafeterias tried to save money by using an off-brand catsup instead of Heinz Ketchup. The cafeteria return to Heinz within weeks
3) Pickles - Jim has made countless batches, the spears are my favorite
4) Eggs - Until I can have chickens in my backyard we will have to get our eggs from the grocery store
5) Milk - possibly expired, we buy the smallest container, but we just don't use milk that often
6) Pop - I drink Coke, Jim drinks Diet Coke and Sprite Zero
7) Cheese - Colby Jack for me, Sharp (or extra sharp) Cheddar for Jim, Mozzarrella and a shredded mix
8) Butter, unsalted - which we go through faster than any two people really should
9) Sour Cream - I try to avoid eating this straight up, but it is my goto condiment. Mix it with salsa for a mild/creamy sauce. I refuse to buy Hood brand, we only buy the off brand (it could be the same stuff, but it tastes tangier than Hood to me)
10) Lettuce - supplementing the boys' grass diet

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