Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ToT - Things to do before summer is over

This one is quick, and very personal I doubt anyone else will have these same things on their list

1) Pull weeds in the garden
2) Plant a bit more lettuce
3) Bish Bash Falls (short hike in western MA)
4) Finish mittens
5) Start matching Scarf
6) De-junk the house (some people do a big clean at the start of Spring, I like to do one at the start of fall as well)
7) Watch a sunset - this is on my list of things to do all the time. I LOVE sunsets
8) Wash Windows - hate this chore and almost never waste my time
9) Pull out the wool coats and accessories and air them out, wash if necessary
10) Start Christmas shopping - my family has a very specific set of gift-giving rules this year which makes it rather difficult to do any of the shopping at the last minute.


Kym said...

Great list! I, too, am a fall de-junker.

Beverly said...

Oh, I meant to add something about Christmas, too! Good one!