Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ToT - How to Have Fun on a Long Car Ride

Every summer my family took a road trip from western Oregon to eastern Idaho and/or Utah so long car trips were a part of my life. That did not make this topic any easier

1) Sing along with the radio- Tupperware made a cassette tape called Tupper Tunes and while google will not help you find information about this tape, it did in fact exist. The best song was the first one. My little sister and I call each other to sing that song even now because we are awesome and a wee bit silly.
2) Books – I am not sure how many books I actually finished on these trips, but most of the reading was done in the car on the way to or from home
3) Cards – war is perfect, solitaire, kings in the corner
4) Sleep – Vans are perfect since they have long back benches where you can lay all the way down. Of course I had to fight with sisters so there was no laying all the way down on our trips
5) Follow the Scavenger Hunt – my dad would list a bunch of things we were going to pass on the trip and we had to check them off as we passed them
6) Argue – don’t touch me, don’t breath my air, etc
7) View the scenery – LEAF PEEPING!!!
8) Stop for food – if it’s a long trip there should be no drive-thrus, that is not enough of a break
9) Knit – right now it’s a double-knit scarf
10) Take a picture. I specifically take a picture of my feet on the dashboard of my car. I don’t know why, I have done it since Jim and used to spend every weekend getting lost in New England


Seanna Lea said...

Wow. I wish my parents had done the scavenger hunt thing when my brother and I were growing up. As it was, we mostly did number 6.

Alan said...

What a great memory. What about the arguments on who got which person got the their own seat vs. sharing the bench seat.