Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ToT - What's in my Freezer

1) Black Beans – I cooked 3 bags of dried black beans a couple weeks ago. Once they finished cooking I split it up into plastic bags and stuck it in the freezer so that I can add it to dishes, hoping to stretch food with little $
2) Blueberries – We picked gallons of blueberries when they were peaking and froze them. Jim now gets yummy blueberry muffins all through the “off-season”
3) Chicken –
4) Ground flax – for my superhero muffins
5) Ice – I almost never put ice in my drink so this is mostly for ice packs that we use in our little cooler or on wounds
6) Jam – I’m down to my last container of freezer jam, but I will enjoy it
7) Fries – All varieties steak fries, tatter tots, etc Jim loves fries
8) Snow peas – from the garden we’ll use it for stir fry this winter
9) Eggplant Lasagna – Jim makes a great eggplant lasagna and then splits it up so I can take it for lunches during the week. Saves money, and keeps me from buying the most calorie filled item from the nearby cafe
10) Frozen peppers - we had so many peppers this year so jim chops and freezes them so that he can use them in fajitas, enchiladas, stir fry, etc

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Lucia said...

Sounds yummy. When's dinner?