Thursday, January 20, 2011

A break

As part of my Moment of Happy tradition I have been trying to take a picture ever day. Often, the picture is part of my daily commute.

 Since I don't carry a good camera with me my iphone camera is the best I can do, but there are some fun apps that I can use to futz with pictures.

The photos don't always make me smile, and I'm not going to join any 365 projects, but I'm enjoying the documentation of where I am every day.

Another great way to find something to smile or laugh at is to look at other people's lists. Today there was a tweet from NPR that I plan on working through this year. Knowing that the youtube videos and such will be worthwhile, makes it that much more fun.

50 Wonderful Things from 2010


Sharp Pointy Sticks said...

I love the picture a day idea! I like it so much I may steal it from you ;)

Alan said...

I love the pictures. Pictures of your everyday life means even more to me than a "staged pictue"