Monday, January 31, 2011


Tradition: Comfort Food


Don’t we all go through times when we wish life would just stop throwing crap our way? I have no secrets to getting through it because in the end I can give suggestions for dealing with it, but you will still have to go through it.

When a day is especially hard I know that sitting and knitting is not going to occupy my body and mind enough to prevent me from dwelling/fuming/spiraling to the dark, so I try to do something that requires my attention. This week it’s food. I planned menus for the entire week, but unlike normal comfort food, my menus this week aren't all full of extra fat and cheese. The portions will be small and delicious without adding a stick of butter, but they won't be overtly low fat/sodium/etc

Monday – Stuffed shells basic filling of ricotta and veges, with a side dish of whatever vegetable is in the freezer

Tuesday – I go to trivia so dinner will consist of whatever I decide on at the bar

Wednesday – Fish. Jim doesn’t like fish, but I love it. I think it will be salmon, baked in a packet with light seasonings. My standard is a touch of mayo, pepper and a slice of tomato and lemon. Side dish for this will be tough. A basic salad or maybe some lentils

Thursday – Flattened almond chicken (Almond chicken paillard) Flatten a chicken breast then dredge it in flour, egg wash and then an almond/breadcrumb mix then cook. I can’t decide if I want to serve this with tomato salad or something else, but it will be basic and delicious.

I have started a new, long-term project. I'll tell you the story later this week, but one of my Moments of Happy might give you a hint.

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