Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Get To It #1

First installment of the traditions for this year

Continued Tradition: Running – I still hate running. I like trail running, but I can’t go trail running every day, or even every week, but that’s ok. I’m still running and I might even try to reach a modest distance this year. 311 miles looks good. That is less than a mile per day and since I don’t run every day it is less than 2 miles every other day. At this point that is obtainable because even on bad days I do at least a mile.

New Tradition: Moment of Happy - I am not someone who is exceptionally gorgeous, but my smile is the exception to the rule. I love my smile because when my lips smile my whole me smiles. I got this from my mom. When we smile our mouth takes up more real estate on our face pushing our cheeks up and forward. Our forehead relaxes erasing the stress wrinkles that normally reside between our eyebrows and our hairline. This results in what I call Sunrise Eyes! My wordy explanation isn’t flattering, but the smile most assuredly flatters.
So this year I’m implementing a new tradition of smiling at, about or for something every day and I might even try and record my moment of happy in a journal or somesuch

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