Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Get To It #2

Second installment of the traditions for 2011

Continued Tradition: Garden – this year I want to continue with the vegetables and maybe even combine our crop with participation in a CSA so that we can put more away for the fall/winter. I would also like to add a few more flowers to the beds around the patio. I would really like to get a clematis to grow, I killed the one we bought last year when I planted it (not sure how I managed that).

New Tradition: Spend Time based on the Return on Investment - 24 hours is all you and I get every day. I learned long ago that I do need as close to 8 hours of sleep as possible to function at my highest level at work so that leaves me the (24-8=) 16 hours every day. I work for 9 (8+1 hr lunch) and commute for 2.5-3 hours per day. To make the math easy we’ll say that’s 12 hours per day that are work/work related so (16-12=) 4 hours per day to do what needs to be done. If I only have 4 hours per day I still have 20 hours per work week that is mine, all mine. The weekends are like bonuses. I don’t have to work or commute so I have the full (16+16=) 32 hours that is mine to invest. So that’s 36 hours of time to do chores or watch tv or run or do grocery shopping or just hang out with people I like.

I know what you are thinking… DITCH THE TV! Fortunately, I have no problem with TV, but I believe that TV, like so many other things should be used in moderation (more on that later this week). When I think about the zillion channels of 24 hour television I really enjoy a very miniscule percent of it. If I add knitting to my tv time I not only knit more (which is an investment of time with a return of a knitted item) but I have doubled up my investment in that same 30 minutes/ 1 hour time slot.

This is not an exercise to see how much I can multi-task, but rather to recognize where my time goes and what I get for it. The 12 hours I spend on work related stuff returns $$ to my bank account, which is necessary to pay bills, but is not the most uplifting time. Maybe 2011 should include some effort to change that either by cutting down from 12 hours or to find something that is less depressing for 12 hours per day. I spend an hour running and if it’s a good run I feel better physically, mentally and I am investing the time needed to obtain smaller pants. That’s like a multi-layered return on a single layer of investment.

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Annie said...

I used to be a TV junkie! Now that I'm sewing more there are days when my TV doesn't even get turned on. I do like to knit or make jewelery while watching television. Then it just doesn't seem like such a waste of time to just sit there!