Friday, January 7, 2011

Get To It #4

Fourth and Final installment of the 2011 Traditions!

Continued Tradition: Caterpillar – Keep reading. Being part of a book club means I will be reading at least 6 books this year, but I really think I can read more than that. I’m hoping to double my caterpillar this year. This means another 20-30 books. Hopefully sprinkling a classic in there along with the more modern works, I also want to read at least one book of poetry.

New Tradition: Time Out! – This might be the hardest tradition for me to really invest in not because it is expensive time or money-wise, but because it is not part of my current being on a regular basis. The basic idea is to add some interactive entertainment to my life. TV and movies are not very interactive, but games and such are.  I started going to trivia regularly and that has been a blast! So my goal and it might have to start small and grow through cultivation is to turn off the regular tv watching and play a game, read a book or have an in depth discussion one night a week. I don’t mind the game being a video game as long as it isn’t a video game every week. We have board games, card games and a never-ending supply of other fun to be had in and around our house. This year I want to take advantage of it. I am also going to focus on not stuffing my weekends full of necessities. I often leave all the chores for the weekend, but then try to enjoy the weekend and get chores done and I am rarely successful in that endeavor. So I’m going to take more time out from my rather stuffed schedule and use it to do something other than watch tv. 

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Miss Amy said...

Game night!!! I think we need to organize one. Even if it's once a month or something.