Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Traditions

I have plenty of holiday excitement to catch up on and I still owe pictures of my scarf/mittens, but since it is a new year I decided it was time to address 2011.

I hate resolutions mostly because I think it is just one more way of saying goals, and I hate goals. I like traditions, I like creating, growing and developing new factors of my life. So instead of resolutions I am going to make a theme for 2011 and include some old traditions and new ideas for traditions, but first let’s review the bigs and traditions of 2010

2010 was rough for many people I know both in real life and virtually. While I was extremely blessed in 2010 I did not escape the year unscathed. My husband spent the entire year looking for a job and is still looking. His family had a soap opera worth of drama with a less than satisfactory finale. Work has been trying, with opportunities offered, rescinded, doing work without the appropriate compensation (monetary and otherwise) and general annoying work stuff. I lost my first grandparent which led to an unearthing of emotions I was not ready for. My car was crushed by a distracted driver (not a cell phone). I stressed over the lack of job and therefore lack of income that we lived with and I suffered through some periods of extreme doubt. Doubt about past choices and future consequences doubts about how to define myself and my life.

2010 also brought my parents’ first grandchild and he is a cutie. In 2010 I got to go back to Oregon two times! My dad hit a major milestone birthday and my mom continues to amaze me with her cooking, working, running marathons and triathlons, but most impressive is her ability to raise amazing women who make the world a better place. She still has two daughters who live at home year-round and they go 12 different directions, but my mom keeps the family from tearing itself apart. In 2010 I ran, I even ran a couple races. I ran enough that I could find exceptions to my “I hate running” rule (though not as many as you would think after a year) I found more things to enjoy this year on tv, but also in my surroundings. The garden expanded and the bounty helped food in our house taste better and provide nutrients that my body needed. I read more books, I attended my religious meetings more regularly and I enjoyed friends

2011 Theme: Get To It
   - Get to the list of things I keep saying I'll try. Apply those skills I already have and continue to add
      traditions to my life that are uplifting and worthwhile.

Current Traditions to be Included – running, gardening, caterpillar, religion

New ideas – Moment of Happy, Time based on RoI, Religion expanded, Time Out

I’ll be writing about each of the ideas (new and old) throughout the week so check back!

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Alan said...

That was a great way to end and start a new year.