Tuesday, January 18, 2011

ToT - Games

The prompt this week is for games from your childhood, well I still love many of the same games I enjoyed as a kid. In fact, my family is a gaming family. My mom recently cleaned out and organized the game closet (an under the stairs coat+games area) and this is everything they had in there. I can't figure out how it all fit in the first place!

1) Mall madness - we bought this at DI and it was missing the credit cards so my sister made some out of cardboard and paint. My sisters and I still quote the game. "Ewwwww a long line, try again later!" "There's a sale at the chitchen store"
2) Kings in the Corner - card game for a small group of people
3) Life - Somehow I always ended up with 2 cars worth of babies, clearly real life does not imitate fiction (or vice-a-versa) in this case
4) Muggins - a card game similar (if not identical) to Flinch, using Flinch cards
5) Trivial Pursuit - I play this more now than I did as a kid, but I love it
6) Clue - colonel mustard, in the conservatory with the rope
7) Bop-It - there are new configurations, still just as fun
8) Mad Gab - hilarious game especially for teams
9) Cooties - great game for kids
10) Risk - I consider this an awesome game though I haven't played it in years


Beverly said...

I enjoyed Clue, too, though I forgot to add it to my list.

jacob said...

I haven't yet created an ordered list of my favorite games, but I did manage to create a list of some of the games we own:


Anonymous said...

rummikub tops the list here. But the other one we had so many double of was mind trap. I don't know how many games you actually own, but McKinna and Nicole are pretty much game-a-holics. Oh did I mention boxers and briefs. And one of my new favorites is tri-bond. Wasn't Christmas time soooo much fun!!?!!!
love ya,