Monday, February 28, 2011

2011 Project Begun

Tradition: Oversized Doily


I believe I have written about this project in the past, but let’s do a rehash of the details
I hate doilies. I despise them, but my mom likes them. She even had a gigantic doily-type table cloth for our formal dining room table. I love my mother, but I hate doilies. For my wedding we put after dinner mints, in cute containers at the reception. The containers weren’t really food safe so my mom was going to line them with doilies. I might have had a bridezilla level meltdown over it. Thankfully, the clear head of the non-brides in the room figured it was just as easy to line them with napkins. It worked and I was allowed to continue with my non-doily wedding.

With such a strong aversion you would think shawls, lacey drapey shawls would not be my thing. They are, after all, just giant doilies knit out of wool instead of cotton. You are WRONG. I live for shawls, I love shawls, I think they are possibly the most gorgeous items ever knit.

My friend Amy is an amazing and ambitious knitter. She bought the book A Gathering of Lace and knit the Tea shawl as her FIRST lace project. She made it out of Kauni which fades beautifully from one color to another. I am in love with that shawl. When she brought the book to knitting one week I flipped through and fell in love with a shawl with a huge celtic knot in the middle. Then I saw the chart. I can’t imagine there are that many people that have knit this pattern, but ravelry lists 6 finished shawls.

About 60 Rows

The chart for the center is 2 pages by 2 pages. Each right side row is charted and there are no repeated rows. Now, I do not consider myself ambitious like Amy, but this shawl had stolen my heart. I couldn’t get over it. I talked about it every time she had her book or her other shawl at an event we both attended. Inevitably I decided that I wanted to knit it. So I asked Amy and she was game, even though she had already started a second shawl out of the book.

Next step, of course, was to choose yarn. I have a plethora of lace yarn and I love all of it so you would think that I could pull something out of stash, but no. This project calls for roughly 3200 yards of yarn. Yes 3200. Now, I have well over 3200 yards of laceweight, but I don’t think I own 3200 yards of any one yarn. Amy found her yarn at Tess’s yarn in ME while on one of our knitting trips. She got a grey color that has a hint of blue and it is amazing and soft and single ply and small skeins and squishable.

I found my yarn online at It was beautiful, but I didn’t want to spend the money. On a whim one Saturday my friend Jillian and I drove out to webs and I found the yarn in the warehouse for cheap. They didn’t have the exact color I wanted (a very light grey) but they did have another color grey. I found 3 skeins and bought them. The yarn is almost everything that Amy’s was not. The yarn is two ply, on the brown end of the grey spectrum, came in large skeins and is almost stiff or sturdy. Nothing about my yarn is bad, in fact I love it and I already had one skein of it in another color. It’s just different from Amy’s and I can’t wait for the finished objects so we can compare.

A couple Sundays ago Amy came over and we marked our pattern and got started. I am using addi turbo size 1 needles because when I swatched I didn’t like the drape of the fabric on the recommended needle size (2).

100 rows

This is where I am so far, only a few rows in, already made 2 mistakes. Fixed one, left the other.

It's going to look about the same for the next couple of months as I make my way through the 500 rows of the center chart

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