Thursday, February 17, 2011

Caterpillar the February version

I haven’t done an official caterpillar list in awhile, but after the most recent CCSBC post I figured I should

27) Best American Short Stories 2007 – the shorter the story, the more I liked it. It reminded me a bit of reading the Junior Great Books as a kid

28) It’s Raining Cupcakes by Lisa Schroeder – fun book set in Oregon, which made it even more fun to read with my little sister

29) The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell – liked it about as much as outliers which is to say, not much

30) Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout –I think the point gets missed because of the layout/style. I liked this book, but it was missing something. Many of the stories felt stilted and some seemed unfinished. I realize this leaves an opening for the reader but at least two just felt like cop-out endings

31) The Teammates: A Portrait of Friendship by David Halberstram – poorly written, felt like 20000 news articles with some repeating information from others and yet in no logical order. I like some of the stuff I learned just didn’t like the way it was written. Johnny Pesky makes me cry in real life and in every article and picture I see of him and this was no exception. I also didn’t realize how big of a jerk Williams was. 

I also re-read previous Caterpillar book, To Kill a Mockingbird. Not only is it my favorite book of all time, it is also the book club book for our next meeting. I can’t wait!

What are you reading? What have you read lately? What’s up next?


April said...

I wanted to comment on your previous post but the iPhone wasn't compatible. I have a kind of reading club with my son. He is 10 and has to read enough books each quarter to earn AR points that are part of his language arts grade. He is a very picky reader! He likes spies so I searched to find an appropriate series. He exhausted the Jack Stalwart series of 12 books rather quickly. Now we have moved on to the young James Bond series. I am reading and listening to these with him. (Some we have checked out on unabridged audio.) Mostly because I was worried about violence and wanted to know what we were getting in to. Now I am hooked! We are in a book now that isn't available in audio, so we read together or he reads and I catch up. We talk about the story and what we think the characters might do next. I was surprised that I would enjoy this series that much. Hope you and your sister have fun. P.S. My youngest sibling is 15 years younger. We have a great relationship, but I made sure I connected with him while I was off at college. You won't regret this will lead to a wonderful relationship.)

Mac said...

Hey... So, i think i already told you this, but you should read the lemon tree. I am like 3 chapters in to it. I like it so far. I don't have tons of time for reading which is why this book is taking me forever, but every time i see it on my desk i want to pick it up. Just a thought :)

Mac said...

Also... I read the tipping point. I liked it, but it repeated itself ALOT. and seemed to be kind of a slow read. eh. but i didn't hate it