Thursday, February 3, 2011

Knit Race!

Since so many people in my area had a snow day yesterday my friend Laurin decided to host a virtual knit race. Basically everyone knit as much as possible before 8 pm yesterday and then she awarded a prize. I had to work, so I knew I would not win, but like most races the fun is in racing, not in winning. I finished up the sock I was working on. This is by far the weirdest sock I have ever made. I had seen plenty of examples and determined the most interesting were those that used hand painted and/or self-striping yarn. So I pulled out some knitpicks felici that I had bought at a yarn auction last year.

Before starting the race

I started them with the recommended needles, but decided they were too large so I only increased to 68 instead of 72. Continued in pattern and finished the first sock last night. I think I might have done a few too many rows in the foot but I'll see if i can correct that in the second sock and if so I can rip the first one back. I really love these socks as odd as they are. They don't fit funny or anything they just look awesome!

Finished during the race

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