Monday, February 21, 2011

Skirting Around

In the first Fall knitty this year there was a cute skirt. The model in the picture looks a lot like my little sister (skinny, long dark hair, absolutely adorable) so I knew the skirt would be a perfect fit in Kinna’s wardrobe. When we discussed it we decided red would be the perfect color. Then I went to buy the yarn. NOT a success. I had a gift card for a yarn store where the selection of high quality yarn has been dwindling so the red options were gross. I made the executive decision to change the color to grey and wound up using Berroco Peruvia.

As usual I didn’t swatch, I just used the recommended needles. I like it, but the fabric felt rather stiff. So I undid the first couple of repeats and chose a different needle and went to town. It was a FAST knit partly because my sister is little and partly because the pattern is just quick. I knit to the specified circumference and then added the crochet. The crochet did it’s job keeping the waist from stretching, but I had done it so tight that it made the skirt too small for my sister. I ripped out the crochet and then the skirt sat for a few weeks while I decided what to do. Eventually I ripped out the buttonhole section and added a repeat to the skirt. This time I did extra tab at the top so there is an extra button. It looks adorable. I wasn’t going to bother blocking it, but the bottom edge liked to roll under so I did a quick block and pinned out the edge.

It is adorable and my sister will love it I am sure. She is friends with a woman who sells some amazing buttons so I’m going to let her work that connection to find a good button choice.

Basic Info:
Pattern: Carnaby
Yarn : 4 skeins Berroco Peruvia, dark grey
Adjustment/Modifications: Added 8 stitches in length, used a bigger needle and added a tab with an extra buttonhole


Jackie said...

Came out amazing! I hope we get to see some modeled pics when she gets it.

Mac said...

I got it. and its gorgeous. More gorgeous in person than in any pics i sent her. It is so nice and warm, so when its literally freezing outside and i slide onto the leather seats in my car... my legs are still warm :) I <3 this skirt!