Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ToT - Bedside Table

My bedside table is a disaster, it is the place I put the random things I forget until the end of the day which makes this picture more like an I Spy game than anything else.

1) My favorite bracelet (by the waterbottle) and another great bracelet
2) Glass (used to have water)
3) Water Bottle (used to have water)
3) Double Pointed Needle, I was probably wearing it in my hair one day
4) Medicine
5) Book
6) Remote for the window fan
7) 2 tubs of lotion (one is probably empty)
8) Kleenex
9) Tiny ziploc of sparkly makeup
10) empty wrappers from either cough drops or lifesavers


Dawn K. said...

I can totally relate to you and your bedside table! Mine is not very organized at all! I think everyone keeps a book close by which is nice and kleenex are always close at hand these days! I wish I had the water bottle on mine this morning. All I had was a diet root beer from last night -- not something I wanted to take a sip from when I woke up! visiting from Ten on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

The disaster that is my bedside "table" is the reason I decided to post about knitting instead! Mine is a lot like yours. Empty box of this, tube of that, books, etc.