Tuesday, February 8, 2011

ToT - Winning Movies

My husband and I do not go to movies in theaters. There are a zillion reasons I don't go, but with a great TV and a comfortable couch I prefer to watch them at home. That, combined with the fact that I can never remember what/who won what means that for this topic I had to go get a list of Oscar winning movies to determine what I had seen. Then I realized that the list of movies that have won best picture contained exactly 11 movies that I have actually seen. So, I may not love or hate these movies, but I have seen them! I included an extra just because the list didn't seem complete with 10/11

1) Sound of Music
2) Forrest Gump
3) Titanic
4) A Beautiful Mind
5) Chicago
6) Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
7) Million Dollar Baby - I loved this film
8) Crash - I loved this film
9) No Country for Old Men - hated this film
10) Slumdog Millionaire
11) Hurt Locker - not as amazing as it was made out to be

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Lucia said...

Oh, Sound of Music is a great one! I didn't think of it. Then again, I interpreted Oscar-winning to mean that if it won any award at all, including Best Second Assistant Grip, I could put it on the list.

(My verification word is joester. Apparently it has me confused with my brother.)