Thursday, March 10, 2011

Booking it right along

It’s been a couple weeks since the last caterpillar update, plus while I was perusing GoodReads the other day I realized that I forgot to include a couple of books I read awhile ago.

32 ) The Reader – I read this months ago, but it somehow missed the caterpillar posting at the time. Odd book, I’m still unsure what I was supposed to get from it. I might watch the movie, but I might skip it since I can’t imagine I will get more from it than I did from the book

33) Seriously by Lucia Nevai – Also read this ages ago, and it’s forgettable. Honestly I forgot the entire story in the time between reading it and finally adding it to the caterpillar.

34) Midwives by Chris Bohjalian – I really enjoyed this book. I found it predictable in that much of the plot was told to you from the beginning, but the result of the trial was sort of kept secret. I loved the explanations of the impact that her parents decisions had on the main character’s life

35) The Memoir Club by Laura Kalpakian – Another book that takes place in Oregon so it had an air of familiarity. This is the kind of book that rides the line between fluffy and serious and I enjoyed it

36) Life of Pi by Yann Martel – I honestly have no idea what people like in this book. It was boring, long, too long and extra boring. That is what I felt through the entire book

37) Loser by Jerry Spinelli – First book in the Cross Country Sisters Book Club. Interesting, I’m not sure I felt the book resolved anything, but the writing is a wonderful description of what it could be like to grow up on the outside of the cliques in school

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Michelle said...

I saw The Reader and it was also fairly vague. I think that might be the point as it's projecting some of the ambiguities the war guards felt at the time. I made it about 50 pages through Life of Pi and couldn't take it. My grandmother loved it but based on her comments I think she may have missed some of the underlying meanings. I'm super excited because I just bought three Agatha Christie novels (hardcover) on sale for $6 each. Going back next week to get the other stories if they're still there.