Friday, March 25, 2011


Winter here is living with death out your window for months at a time so by the time march rolls around I need some color, and some life. I start buying myself flowers at the end of February/beginning of March. Daffodils, dyed daisies, tulips, anything I can find at the grocery store without going over my grocery budget. Sometimes Jim even catches on and buys me a bouquet to tide me over until my tulips and lilacs bloom

I’m in a zone where no flowers have bloomed except maybe a crocus here or there. Mine are just starting to shoot up.

Shortly after the crocuses my early tulips also poke out from the earth

Soon enough my lilacs will bloom and I can bring them into my kitchen and fill my house with nature's natural perfume. After a long day in the city I love walking in the door where  I am welcomed with the scent of lilacs in every room of the house. No need for air freshener when lilacs are blooming

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omly said...

Our hyacinths have been peeking up for a little bit, as well as the beginning shoots of monkshood, peonies and yarrow. I am super excited for spring!