Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Hats

Since the budget has been more limited my ability to afford any luxurious yak yarn for a sweater I decided to instead purchase a yummy yarn for a hat. The hat is out of my new knitting book and I bought the yarn it called for Malabrigo Worsted.

I bought a slightly variegated Navy Blue color. The hat was a super fast knit that starts by knitting the band, then picking up and knitting the top of the hat. The first one I made was TOO BIG!

The pattern calls for 3 repeats before decreasing, but that makes a hat much too big. Yes, I could have avoided this by knitting a swatch, but since that part of the hat is barely bigger than a swatch, it seemed a bit useless. So I knit it up and it is squishy and soft and warm. It will be a great hat for next year's winter hand-knit set. I'm planning on undoing the top and re-knitting it to a better fit

I used Malabrigo Worsted for some hats that I made this Christmas. My youngest sister and my mom both got hats and it only took 1 ball of the yarn plus about 6" of the second skein. The yarn was bright pink and I received it in a yarn swap last october. Since I have about a full skein I'm going to use it for my next hat. The changes I'm making it this time around are the following

  • For the band, bind off LOOSELY and undo it later in the pattern instead of binding off and then going back and picking up stitches on the bound off end. 
  • Knit the top of the hat on a slightly smaller needle
  • Only do 2 repeats (instead of 3) before decreasing
Of course these hats need buttons to finish them off. I searched JoAnn's this weekend and did not find anything that I loved but I will try a little harder and hopefully have something soon so it can be a finished item, just in time for spring!


Sharp Pointy Sticks said...

Love it! I think I need to get that book, there seems to be lots of great patterns in it.

Ann in the UP said...

Very nice! First off, I love the color. The hat looks warm a can be and will be good knit smaller next time, I agree.

My kids suggested that I make winter chooks smaller and heavier to be warmed in the winter winds. They were right, too.