Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Life - Animals

I’m not a mom, and won’t be a mom, but if I were to plan a pregnancy I would try to have the baby in spring to coincide with the new life that shows up in nature. Spring is inspirational as bulbs send shoots up out of the barely unfrozen earth into the barely warm air.

The groundhog with whom I have a bi-polar relationship crawls out from wherever he hunkered down this winter. He stretches, nibbles and starts the next year in my backyard. Dennis is such a welcome site and we saw him for the first time this season last week!

Bunnies (baby bunnies) are all over tucked in, almost unnoticeable little holes around our yard. I’m getting better at noticing their burrows. The small caves are typically where grass grows a bit long (at the edge or right next to the building). The grass is sort of bent into a small cave and inside are tiny babies with gorgeous eyes breathing quickly and the entrance of the cave is stuffed with loose fur. I know bunnies recreate quickly, but I enjoy watching the tiny babies get big enough to run around on their own.

The bunnies and Dennis welcome other wildlife like owls and foxes. We don’t see the foxes often but we hear them making awful noises at night. I haven’t heard them yet this spring, but I can’t imagine it will be much longer before they cross through our backyard.

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