Monday, March 28, 2011

Recent Acquisitions

A couple of weeks ago I joined local knitters on a yarn crawl to yarn stores in north of Boston. I was able, over two days, to make it to ten out of the twelve shops. I had so much fun, but didn’t have much money to spend. Since I had a gift card at one of my favorite yarn stores I spent $50 on some malabrigo worsted in a dark blue and a book full of amazing patterns, New England Knits along with a package of lace stitch markers. I also bought a few other small things at some shops, but in the end I stayed under $20 of non-gift card money. I also had an amazing time driving around New England with my friends Amy and Jillian. So much laughing cannot be a bad thing

I do not buy many knitting books because they are usually over $20 and I typically only want to knit one of the patterns in the book. New England Knits is the exception. This book is so full of gorgeous sweaters. There are a couple of details that make me wonder, but they are easy enough to leave off. I hope that I can make one of these sweaters sometime soon. The cost of a sweater in my size is pretty high so I’m saving pennies and staying active in hopes that eventually the saved money curve going up will meet the cost of yarn curve going down. This book has so many wonderful sweaters so it was hard to make first choice, but I think right now my top 5 are

Augusta Cardigan

Providence Hoodie

Old Port Pullover

Greenfield Cardigan

Hampton Cardigan

If I was handed enough yarn to make any one of those I would be in love with it. Until that miracle occurs I have made one Brattleboro Hat and I have one on the needles. More on those in a later post

My other acquisition this week was a skein of yarn from someone I would never have been exposed to. Anzula Luxury Fibers was featured in a post on the Yarn On The House blog a couple weeks ago. I was lucky enough to be a runner up and received a free skein of yarn. I am having trouble describing the color but I can tell you that the feel is awesome. Stiff enough to feel substantial, but soft and drapey. I do not know what I’m going to do with it. It is fingering, but I don’t think I want to make socks. I might try a scarf or cowl, but that seems predictable. What would you make from a charcoal blackish/grayish/brownish fingering weight yarn?

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Michelle said...

I'm planning to make the whale beret from New England Knits. I have the yarn and just need some clear needle time! I miss being about to do the yarn crawls down there. Maybe next year I'll come down for it. Not sure about the fingering weight yarn. Maybe a mini shawl to wrap around your neck this spring?