Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Every spring and fall I like to do a big clean of the house. Take out all of the bags of clothes and shoes that don’t fit and donate them to a local charity. Do a deep clean - dust, wash walls, wash base boards, vacuum and clean the carpets - of the whole house. This is not a small feat and thankfully my mom taught how to do a real job of cleaning the house. The difference between my mother and me is that my mom is good at controlling clutter, keeping things generally picked up and clean throughout the weeks and months between deep cleans. I keep things clean but the clutter and organization slips quickly at my house.

Since I’m a BzzAgent I received a perfectly timed package of cleaning products to try out, review. I got some scrubbing bubbles super foaming cleaner and some pledge and some candles and one item I was super excited about. You’ve probably seen the last item in commercials and I have been tempted to buy it, but I’m cheap, think it’s a wasteful product and the difficulty of cleaning 2 toilets doesn't really justify it. The last item? Scrubbing bubbles toilet cleaning gel.

Do I love it? Yes! Will I ever purchase it? Maybe with one the coupons that came with the products (if you want a coupon let me know), but I will probably go back to my cheap ajax that takes only 60 seconds more effort.

Cleaning in general is one of those things that I connect to my tradition of Time based on ROI. I don’t find the ROI is very high when doing short/normal/maintenance cleaning. I can’t find satisfaction in a clean bedroom if I know the dresser drawers are a cluttered disaster or the shelves are dusty. So the ROI for a deep clean is probably low, but it at least beats the deficit I feel with normal cleaning chores

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