Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is Coming

Spring starts at the equinox which occurs on Sunday the 20th of March this year. I don't usually do anything special to recognize the beginning of spring, but this year is different. So each weekday next week I am going to post a special traditions of spring post.

I encourage all of you to think of your traditions of spring and why you do them, how you celebrate them and how you can enhance them in 2011.

Can't wait for this little exercise!

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Lynne said...

I *love* Spring (aka mud season hear in New England). It's also a full moon this year (and a big one at that). This is Ostara for me, so I usually celebrate with like minded folks, we do a circle and invoke all the things we we want to unload from our lives and invite all the things we want to come in... sort of like spiritual spring cleaning. We then enjoy lots of good food, usually we have egg dishes to symbolize life and rebirth and lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Then we plant some herbs and hardy flowers.