Tuesday, March 8, 2011

ToT-Delicious Scents

The prompt today is about my favorite smells. I haven't listed them in any sort of order other than to put my very favorite one at the very top.

My mom’s cooking – bread, soup, cookies, brownies, etc

Cotton - most bath and body works/body shop/other places that sell yummy smelling things have a scent that is fresh wash linen or cotton or Egyptian cotton. I Love it, currently I have an “Egyptian Cotton” linen spray from Kohls that I spray on my bed every day

Lime – real limes or lime flavored soap/body spray/body wash. Coconut lime verbena is one of my favorite bath and body works scents

Purex 3 in 1 – the most wasteful laundry product ever made and I would never purchase it, but I got a sample in the mail awhile back and I could have sniffed those clothes all day

Clean hair – most shampoos are scented but no matter the scent as long as my hair smells clean I like it

The beach – not the tide out rotting fish smell but the fresh, wet sand and salty ocean smell

Wet dirt – as I child I ate dirt, it was a weird habit/craving and while I don’t have any desire to eat dirt at this time I do love the smell of healthy soil. I think it’s the most hopeful smell on this planet

Tomatoes and basil – cooking, raw, fresh picked from the garden, any way

Baby – especially baby hair/head so fresh and soft (yes a smell can be soft)

Tulips – really any especially fragrant flower


Beth said...

Great list! That coconut lime verbena scent is one I enjoy a lot, too.

KatMcD said...

Nice list. Love the baby smell.

Anonymous said...

i love the smell of wet dirt, too! i can't wait to start gardening again.

Nicole said...

Bandit enjoys sleepy hair himself. I like baby smell too - I was smelling King the other day and thinking that he might be losing that smell and starting to smell like stinky, old french fry child smell.
:) Nicole