Tuesday, March 29, 2011

ToT - Library Edition

10 reasons to use your local library

1) Free  Books - if you can get the books back to the library on time you don't have to pay a dime for an unlimited number of books
2) Free Movies - Many libraries (mine included) have a good collection of tv shows and movies that can be checked out just like books
3) Free Music - some music is available for free downloads through the library, also you can check out compact discs as well
4) Meeting space - Both of my quilt guilds have used the library conference rooms for meetings, but it was cheap/free and quiet space.
5) Museum Passes - I can get discount and free passes to local museums which helps offset the high cost of driving and parking in the city
6) Community Events - This should really be my entire list. My library hosts events for teens, children and adults. There is information available about local, community events and ours even hosts a fun scavenger hunt for anyone that wants to participate
7) Town History - you can find more information about your own town at the library than you can just about anywhere outside of your local history organization
8) Book Club - One Book, One (town) is a program that my town participates in. The library selects one book per year and it is available for free at the library. You can pick up a copy and then pass it to a friend. It is a great way to create common ground for the whole community
9) Lectures - more than just authors give lectures at the library, you might not be interested in every single one, but I'm sure you can find something to attend
10) Study - whether you are studying for a test or planning a presentation the quiet, low distraction nature of libraries makes them perfect study locations

You should read all of the other reasons to visit your local library by visiting the links at the bottom of Carole's ToT Post


Ann in the UP said...

Your library sounds like a treasure! I love our library too, and always have, and when my kids were little they didn't think we'd really gone to town if we hadn't stopped at the library. LOL

dianne said...

Great list! I forgot about museum passes which are just another reason to enjoy the library. Happy Tuesday!

Sharp Pointy Sticks said...

We really do have a nice library! I rarely get there any more (even though it is in walking distance) but I do check out audiobooks and ebooks on my phone on a regular basis. Got to love technology :)